Monday, 6 March 2017

World Book Week

St Clares certainly had a busy week this week, especially in room 6. It all began with a boy called James and his giant peach. It's our class novel. We began reading it for world book week so feel free to ask us how we're getting on. We have a few chapters still to go!

Next on our agenda was a little speed dating. Don't worry parents, it wasn't what you're thinking. We were getting to know our classmates favourite books. We had great fun sharing the books we brought in from home and learning about stories or novels we had never seen before. Check us out below:

On Friday, we got a special treat when Ms. Burns' 4th class came to read with us.

Finally, we had a book tasting. Don't worry parents...we didn't force the children to eat any books! Instead the children spent time skimming through books they had never seen before to see if they would like to read them afterwards. Some children struggled to pick one favourite while others had to share their book when so many favoured the same one.

After the children had spent time reading their new book they reviewed it so they could share their thoughts with their classmates. Here are a few samples of  their work: 

Finally, we got some very exciting news. The book swap in the senior school had finished but there were so many books leftover they let every first class child select a book for their very own to keep. We were all so grateful and it was an excellent way to end the week. 

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